May 21, 2013

Michael Harlan Turkell invited me to talk with him on his radio show, The Food Seen. He interviews artists, chefs, designers, photographers, stylists, and other creatives about the intersection of art, design and food.

We taped the show at the Heritage Radio Network studio, in the back of Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn. Michael and I talked about my FOOD SKETCHES project, my grandmother's cooking, working at magazines, the importance of personal projects, and where to find chicken feet gummies.

You can listen to my interview here.

FOOD SKETCH #60: Carbone Carrot Cake

Semi-circle segment of carrot cake served with a scoop of ginger ice cream and candied carrot peel on top, at Carbone.
See the whole cake here. It's a thing of beauty.

March 6, 2013

FOOD SKETCH #59: Flour Bakery Boston Cream Pie

Boston cream pie from Flour, my favorite bakery in Boston.

Layers of sponge cake, vanilla cream, coffee syrup, and chocolate ganache on top that drips down the sides. (From a trip to Boston, November 2012)*

*Throwback dish! Every once in a while, I'm going draw some favorite, unforgettable dish I've had in the past.

February 26, 2013