March 24, 2012

FOOD SKETCH #28: Sockerbit Licorice Mix

Licorice mix from Sockerbit, a unique little candy shop in the West Village. It's like the better-quality Scandinavian cousin to Sweet Factory. The wrapped candies have beautiful packaging, and they carry sour gummies that are mostly made with natural colors (which makes me feel less bad about eating a big bag of them).

March 9, 2012

FOOD SKETCH #27: Asian Scrambled Eggs

Eggs, lightly scrambled, with soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil and sliced grape tomatoes.

TO MAKE: I thinly slice one garlic clove and sauté it in sesame oil. I add a handful of grape tomatoes that have been sliced in half, and heat both for a little bit before cracking a few eggs into the pan. I lightly scramble the eggs with a rubber spatula, and then add thinly sliced scallions, a small drizzle of soy sauce and a pinch of salt. This egg scramble is good with a lightly toasted slice of shoku pan (you can buy a loaf at any Asian bakery, like Takahachi Bakery, Paris Baguette, or Cafe Zaiya, etc).

By the way, some of my breakfast illustrations are featured over on Simply Breakfast, along with a Q&A.