May 24, 2012

FOOD SKETCH #37: Sunday Suppers' Berries and Vanilla Mascarpone

Berries with Citrus and Vanilla Mascarpone, served at a Mother's Day Brunch at Sunday Suppers in Brooklyn. This dessert looks like it's easy to make, and trust me, it tasted divine. Find the recipe here. If you can, try to attend an event at Sunday Suppers (here is a list of their upcoming events), it's such a special experience.


  1. this is awesome, erin!!! i love this:)

  2. ooo—what were the caramel colored squares? Even in its stylized form, that vanilla bean is making me drool! Nice work!

  3. Just came across your blog, all these are somehow so simple but chic, I love them! As a baker, I've found myself stalking through your entire archive.